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Days of 47 and Golden West Credit Union Pioneer Day celebration

Calendar of Events

** Special Notice: We are still in need of participants for the “Tribute to Pioneer Women Spectacular.” All ages – especially dancers and actors – are welcome. If you are interested, we will be taking sign ups until July 14th. Please contact Pat Matthews at (435) 531-6811 for more information. **


20jul - 21jul 2010:30 amjul 214th Annual Square Dance Party Workshop

Days of ’47 in Dixie

The 100 year old, traditional ‘Days of ’47’ celebration has come to “Dixie”. Each July 24th, the celebration in honor of those ancestors and pioneers that came to Southern Utah, settled it, and established communities that have, and still provide a lifestyle that few others experience, is here for us to experience.

Taming the river, fighting drought, building homes from adobe brick and living on the most meager of fares, these tough and tenacious pioneers left a legacy that is worthy of and in need of our remembering and honoring.

From Cedar City to Santa Clara, this Days of ’47 celebration is meant to include all communities, that wish to participate. The idea behind the expansion is to bring people and communities together. To create bonds of family, friends and community. To re-establish and strengthen the inter-community ties that our forefathers relied on to survive.

While most events will be held in Washington City, the historical venue for this “24th” celebration, beginning in 2017 this week- long event, is designed to involve most of the communities in Washington and Iron Counties.

This year's (2017) events start at on Monday July 17th with a performance in the Veteran’s park. On Saturday July 22nd at 7:00 AM a Flag Raising Ceremony in the Veteran’s Park located at 100 East Telegraph in Washington. At 7:10 AM the food starts with a nice breakfast for the public, and is accompanied by the Nisson Band, which has been performing at this event for over 50 years.

The parade down Telegraph Street, Foot Races, games for youth and adults and great food and entertainment are all on the schedule for the entire week. Square dancing, Mountain Man Camp, Native American village add to the flavor and diversity of the day’s activities.

If you are looking for a place to relax, experience a bit of American life, build memories for family and just enjoy the tradition of Southern Utah, this is an event you won’t want to miss.




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