Helpful Hints and Ideas to Make the Day a Success/Food Booths

Theme: A Patchwork of Heritage

Booths open 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

1 – Please plan on setting up if possible the night before. There will be a special flag ceremony in the morning from 7:30 to 8:00. Please do not do any set up during that time out of respect for them and their ceremony. Noise is very distractive during that time.
2 – Select a Price and make your own sign for what you are going to charge.
3 – You will be in charge of all your own money. Please make sure you plan for sufficient change and have an adult or other responsible party at booth at all times for security.
4 – We STRONGLY encourage everyone to try and make their booths look consistent with the theme. We are striving for a pioneer looking town. (Food Trucks are exempt from this) There are pallets provided for free and plans to put them together. (Ask Terri for instructions)
In keeping with the spirit of the 24th please decorate your booth as much as possible. The theme is above and decorations and dress in pioneer fashion is always fun and appreciated.
5 – Bring your own shade. We have put all booths in the shadiest places possible but the shade will change so please plan for your comfort.
6 – You must be ready by 9:30 am. People will start arriving at the conclusion of the parade. You may set up the night before if you would like. There will be a person from the committee there by 8:30 to answer questions. The park map with your assigned space will be attached. Bring what you need to set up. There will not be any resources (Tables or Chairs) taken from the church. Please bring everything you need for your own booth.
7 –Bring your own extension cords. Those booths that need power have been placed as close as possible to a power source but extension cords will still be necessary. Make sure they are sturdy and long.
8 – Each commercial booth must have a Food Handlers permit and Tax ID number.
9 – Health Inspectors do come by periodically. Please have at the minimum: A special food permit for the day from the health department. Follow the instructions on the flyer given to you. Someone with a food handler’s permit must be in charge of your booth and available.
10 – Be sure to use gloves with the handling and serving of any food or drink item!
11 – You will be responsible for your own clean up of your area. The city is graciously allowing us to use their parks and facilities. Please leave them as beautiful as you found them, or better.
12 – The booths that will accept tickets will have a big ticket posted clearly in front of their booth. They will be some of the games booths. The tickets will not be valid for food items. This information will be clearly posted at the ticket booth office where purchasing takes place.
Any additional questions please feel free to email me:
Mike Eaton –
Finally… Thank you so much for being part of this wonderful day. We are grateful for your participation!