Vendor Permit Application

We have decided to limit the number of venders this year. If you would like to be part of the select group of venders, please email Michael Eaton at



1. Fees must be submitted by check or money order made payable to Days of ’47 Dixie, Inc. and mailed with the completed Vendor Permit Application to Days of ’47 Dixie, Inc., _____________________________________, by _________________, 2017. Upon approval of the Application, the permit and badges will be returned by mail in July 2017. You may make arrangements to apply for a permit in person by calling Terri Tobler. Once submitted, fees are nonrefundable for any reason.
2. The permit applied for is for the 2017 Days of ‘47 Dixie Parade and its route ONLY. The permit applied for does not allow sales or distributions within any area other than Veteran’s or Nisson’s Park. The permit applied for is not valid for any other event, in any other location or any other date.
3. When the parade starts at 9:00 a.m., all vendors must move behind the crowds, leaving the parade route clear – regardless of whether the parade has reached that location.
4. The permit issued by Days of ’47 Dixie, Inc. upon acceptance of this Application and payment of the appropriate fee must be posted and visible.
5. If you are selling or distributing from a cart of any type, each cart must have a separate permit.
6. You may be required to relocate to accommodate parade announcers or for other reasons, as directed by Days of ’47 Dixie Parade Committee or law enforcement personnel.
7. If you plan to sell food items, contact the County Health Department at to obtain the required temporary Food Establishment permit.
8. Any violation of the rules or the terms of the permit issued pursuant to this Application will be deemed a forfeiture of the 2017 permit AND no vendor permit will be issued to the Vendor or Group in 2017.

I hereby agree that the persons selling or distributing pursuant to this Application will comply with all rules outlined above, as well as the terms of the permit, if issued. If such persons fail to comply, in addition to the forfeiture of the 2017 permit and non-issuance of a 2017 permit, they will be removed from the parade route and concession items or distribution materials may be confiscated. I will (or others operating under the permit applied for will) immediately reposition my cart or personnel, or leave the route and surrender items at the instruction of a Days of ’47 Dixie Parade Committee member or law enforcement representative, for safety, security or other reasons related to production of Days of ’47 Dixie Parade.